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Nana Lou’s Recipe

31 May

A little over a year ago, I lost my grandmother, Nana Lou to cancer. She was very influential in my families life in regards to holding us all together. In addition, she was as tough as nails. She battled her cancer to the end, never letting  us see the pain that she endured. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her and wish she was here with us for family celebrations and everyday life. However, during one of our family celebrations she made Scalloped Potatoes (one of our families favorites) and I asked her how to make them. My grandmother was one of those woman who never wrote down recipes, just  “threw it together”. I was able to sit down with her and write down the recipe, which in return was one of the most special memories I will cherish forever. Now, I am giving the recipe to YOU! Hope you enjoy and remember to always take time to remember the special people in your life.


Happy Anniversary Lou and Cathi!

22 May

Today is my parents – in – law’s 30th anniversary! I am so happy they are able to enjoy their special day by celebrating in San Diego (even though I wish I was with them :)). They are the true meaning of selfless, loving, and genuine people. They have always treated me with a high degree of respect and have been my biggest cheerleaders. They treat me as their own daughter and I could never ask for two better people to have as my second set of parents.

Cheers to Lou and Cathi and many more anniversaries to come! Love you both!

Pin It!

21 May

With a new career search currently happening, I have been faced with the BIG question multiple times “what do you want to do”…let me just tell you the answer is really hard to figure out and it actually becomes extremely overwhelming. I am interested in so many things and feel I could possible be great at them all. However, through this new venture I have found it important to be marketable to various types of industries. Therefore, I have been learning (by my amazing hubby) a lot of new computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and obviously WordPress. These new programs have led me to create my first inspiration board! Which in my own dorky world is really exciting!! I’m still a beginner, but can’t wait to put more on Pinterest (which is whole other addiction to post about). Hope you enjoy!

Happy Birthday Melissa!

20 May

Melissa and I have been friends since our freshman year of high school. Let’s just say our overalls, curly/scrunchy hair, and love for boys is what brought us together. Overtime, she has evolved into a beautiful, intelligent, and independent women in my life. She is a constant reminder to me to stand up for myself and let nobody walk all over me!  I miss her everyday since she left me in Arizona 3 years ago, but I know we’ll be together once again some day!

So here is to you my friend Happy Birthday and I can’t wait to see you next week to celebrate in Santa Barbara! 

Don’t you wish we still lived together so we can act cool again! 


Behind the Blog!

19 May

The idea behind is a blog full of inspiration to those who need a reminder to just (jess) be themselves. I know it’s hard, especially for women, to be happy with who they are. We tend to try and morph our looks, personality, and morals to those we associate with at a current point of time. Personally, I done this a numerous of times and ready to finally So here I am, take it or leave it!

But I am hoping you’ll stay! 😉