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{OBSESSED} Gold + Black

31 Jul

It’s all about GOLD & BLACK. I love when I see these two colors together within accessories, home decorations, nail color, and clothing. Anytime these colors are together it screams classy and fashionable. Plus, black is so sliming to wear by itself, why not dress it up with some gold metallic for a great night out?




30 Jul

On the many fashion blogs I follow (too many if you ask me), floral print seems to be blooming everywhere.  This print totally reminds me of my mom’s bedroom comforter, matching drapes, and throw pillows as I grew up. I never thought it would come back…but here it is! I like the look of floral print, if worn correctly. Remember too much print is not always the best idea. I would pick one item to wear and then keep the rest of my clothing attire subtle, so that way the floral print stands out.



29 Jul

So True...




28 Jul

Here is another simple, but stylish look for the weekend. I love the jean shirt! I have been on a hunt trying to find one with a good fit.  If you know where I could find one, let me know!



27 Jul

Ombré is one of my favorite trends in the hair world. I’d be CRAZY not to love it! Who doesn’t want to let their roots grow out and know you’re in style? However, this hair trend is making it into homes as well. It is a very trendy look. My advice is to use it in art and pillows, that way, when it does go out of style those items are easily replaceable.


26 Jul

The Ballerina and Sock bun are two new styles that seem to be popping up everywhere. I personally like to wear both styles. However, I feel they serve two different purposes. The Ballerina bun has a more laid back, soft, whimsical look. Whereas, the Sock bun has a more corporate, slick back, fashionable look. The Ballerina bun only takes hair spray, bobby pins, a brush, and a hair tie. The Sock bun is whole tutorial about how to convert a plain old sock into this fashionable style. However, once you practice a few times, it’s easy and fun to play with.

Try them out and let me know what you prefer! 


FYI: Sock Bun Tutorial 


{OBSESSED}: Tribal Print

25 Jul

Tribal print is IN! This print is located in every aspect of the consumer world. I love the different bold colors, patterns, and textures. Once introduced into your wardrobe & home,  it will definitely become a statement piece.

Embrace your Safari Princess/ Prince and join the tribal world.