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31 Aug

Monogrammed accent pillows are a great way to personalize any home. There are limitless styles to choose when buying/creating a monogrammed pillow. They come in all different fabrics, colors, sizes, designs and fonts. Be sure to find a pillow that matches your home’s personal style. Also, monogrammed pillows are a great present for a newlywed couple, house warming gift, or just a simple birthday present.

Top Left.Middle.Bottom//Top Right.Middle.Bottom

Here is a DIY video to create your own personalized accent pillow!



30 Aug

I love to wear my hair in a low bun. It’s easy to do, especially with long hair. However, it can get boring at times. Thankfully,  I have found multiple ways to wear a low hair bun. All styles are chic and elegant to wear to work, out with friends, or being involved in a special event.

Photos via Pinterest



29 Aug

My one and only beautiful nephew is 1 today! I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by. He literally has grown up before my eyes and I love spending every moment I get with with. He has brought so much joy to me and my husband. We miss and think about him every day now that we live in California. But can’t wait to spend his birthday weekend with him!

We love you Nolan! 


28 Aug

Fall trends are in stores ready to be seen. I have noticed a big color palette trend of black and blue. Personally, I love to wear black. Usually, I tend to stay away from putting two dark colors together. But, this color palette seems to bring a perfect balance/contrast in using two darker colors. All photos via Pinterest


27 Aug

If you’re hiding from fashion social media, then I am here to help you! #polkadots



26 Aug

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25 Aug

Another great look for a fun, relaxing weekend!