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31 Oct

This blog post is specifically for my husband and mother-in-law. Today, is not only all hallows eve, but a day to celebrate the SF Giants and their BIG win for their title as World Series Champs. Now, I’m not going to lie, most of the time I could care less about baseball (the whole Varni Family can contest to that), but there is something quite special about living near the majority of San Francisco Giants fans and observing their undeniable love for their home team. Now, I can see why my husband and his mother are truly passionate fans. It will be exciting to see everyone in SF bleeding their orange and black while the players come back for a homecoming parade. One thing is for sure, the streets of SF will be overloaded with characters sporting their orange and black for one reason or another. It’s an Instagram kind of day!





30 Oct

It’s no secret that gem colors have been making way to the fashion scene this fall. These rich colors are being used not only on the runway, but within home trade shows as well. Obviously, my favorite color palette this week is Hunter Green and Gold. These two warm tones, no matter where placed, create the ultimate fall look.  Together, they give homes and closets a high-end appearance.


29 Oct

Polka dots and tights are the largest trends hitting this fall season. However, the beloved designer Kate Spade has taken both trends and blended them together. My mother could tell you first hand I hated tights growing up as a young girl. I would rip them just so I didn’t have to wear them the next following Sunday to church. However, as an adult I would wear any one of these Kate Spade tights. They are fashionable, warm, and above all trendy for this season. I cannot wait to sport a pair to one of my holiday events. Let’s just say, Kate Spade is genius! 


All tights are available at Kate Spade 


28 Oct

Desiring for something more is a natural characteristic among people. It can be caused by an unsettling feeling of not being satisfied and fulfilled with numerous amounts of materialistic items or a lousy demeanor. I think it’s important to work hard for items & dreams that you want to occur among life’s journey, but remember to reflect on each goal as it is achieved and remember the steps it took in order to create the feeling of fulfillment.


26 Oct

I finally got an iPhone! It’s not the iPhone 5…but I’m not one to be greedy. After a summer of never ending interviews and finally landing my dream job, I’m able to spurge a little a buy myself something special. I can’t wait to Instagram away and keep my followers up to date with images of my crazy, but beautiful life! Happy Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend!


25 Oct

These past two days have really put it in perspective that I am not living in Arizona weather anymore. Usually, this time of year I am still wearing short sleeves and dresses. However, with the rain and cold breezes I have bundled up every morning with my coat and scarf. I am fully embracing the Fall weather, especially when it allows for wardrobe changes. As I have added coats, sweaters, and scarves to my closet I am still missing the perfect Fall hat that is highly needed for the rainy season. I have stumbled across 3 hats that I would love to have in my accessory bin, but realistically I will have to settle for one. Which style do you  like best? Which one do you feel is most beneficial for the Fall/Winter seasons? Thanks for all your input.

All hats available on Preston & Olivia


24 Oct

Who loves blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and most of all Stitch Fix? I do! And the best part is I use all those items listed as  the new Marketing Associate for Stitch Fix. As of now my main duties is managing all of Stitch Fix’s social media. It’s my DREAM job! I get to work with amazing, fun, and creative individuals who all passionate about Stitch Fix and the mission of our company. For those who, have no idea what Stitch Fix is be sure to read my previous blog post {Get a Fix} for more information about the company and how it runs. These past 2 days have been nothing, but learning the computer programs used within the company and getting to know the tasks of all the fabulous employees. It has been a long journey of unemployment and finding a job that I feel would benefit all my capabilities. Finally, after much exhaustion and hard work  I have found the company that gives me the drive to challenge myself in order to become successful as a Stitch Fix employee.