5 Oct

People are incredibly creative in this world. Now that Pinterest and the blogging world has exploded, it has really shown me people’s capabilities. Personally, I am one who can visualize creative projects, but  has difficulty putting it altogether with my own hands. My husband would say it’s because of my impulsive side…I don’t know what he is talking about. Either way, I have come across multiple DIY projects using old book pages. There are thousands of ways to create something unique and special using these pages. I have seen wallpaper, banners, paper trees, and souvenir boxes covered with printed words. I mean the list could go on and on. I am happy that people are recycling old books and using a little Mod Podge to create something beautiful for their home, especially when books aren’t as in high demand due to ebooks. Here are some of my favorite projects I have found and need to try.


Have you ever completed a book page project? If so, tell me about the project and if any part was difficult? 


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