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25 Oct

These past two days have really put it in perspective that I am not living in Arizona weather anymore. Usually, this time of year I am still wearing short sleeves and dresses. However, with the rain and cold breezes I have bundled up every morning with my coat and scarf. I am fully embracing the Fall weather, especially when it allows for wardrobe changes. As I have added coats, sweaters, and scarves to my closet I am still missing the perfect Fall hat that is highly needed for the rainy season. I have stumbled across 3 hats that I would love to have in my accessory bin, but realistically I will have to settle for one. Which style do you  like best? Which one do you feel is most beneficial for the Fall/Winter seasons? Thanks for all your input.

All hats available on Preston & Olivia



17 Oct

Everybody who follows my blog, knows Wednesday is the day of my current obsession. This week I am loving the boot sock rage all the girls are sporting this Fall. It’s a great way to make a regular boot fashionable and girly. I have posted a few of my favorite looks down below. You can find many of these socks on Etsy where they are affordable and you’re helping out the small business owners.




10 Oct

The cool weather of autumn is allowing me to wear all my favorite scarves. I have come across scarves with many different styles and textures. However, the ones that caught my fashion eye  this season is the dip-dyed ones. I like the different color schemes each dip-dyed scarf brings to an outfit. The color palettes are limitless, they can be neutral to neon tones. Either way, it adds a jazzy accessory to any ordinary wardrobe.






8 Oct

Jeweled colors, stone accent pieces, and blended metallic chains seem to be all the rage this Fall! While attending the Oh Joy! book signing this past week, I was inspired by all the lovely ladies and their beautiful accessories. Many of the ladies were wearing similar necklaces to the ones below and I was in LOVE. I am now inspired to find the perfect bib necklace to wear with my current wardrobe. Here is an inspiration board of my current favorites that I need to go look at in person. I can’t seem to pick a favorite. What do you think? Do you prefer rounded, teardrop, or ellipse style stones? Know of anymore great stoned bib necklaces?


<<<1. STELLA & DOT Olivia Bib Necklace <<<2. JCREW Bubble Necklace <<<3. FOREVER 21 Teardrop Bib Necklace


12 Sep

One of my all time favorite accessory looks is wearing simple necklaces layered together. The simplicity brings so much beauty to whatever you‘re wearing at the time. My favorite is when people customize them to create a meaningful message,  such as getting initials of their children’s names and/or spouses. Also, blending different metallics together with different charms or chains brings a unique look. By layering different necklaces, you have the advantage to becoming creative and not have to wear an accessory piece that somebody has already put together for you. It’s all about your individuality.


5 Sep

People usually associate the rope detail with a nautical look. However, the rope detail can be used in a variety of ways. It’s a great way to use within the home such as basket containers, table centerpieces, and used for many DIY projects. Also, it is a great accent piece on clothing accessories and jewelry. Lets just say, I am obsessed with the rope detail due to its versatility and simplicity.

{Blush + Gold}

21 Aug

Ever since gold has made its way back into style, I have been wearing it NONSTOP. I love all metallics, but gold has a traditional, vintage, and ageless feeling to it. When gold is paired up with blush it brings a whole new element to the term girly. I love the way it brings a soft feeling to any type outfit and/ or decoration.  I am hoping this color palette never goes out of style.

 All pictures via Pinterest