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30 Oct

It’s no secret that gem colors have been making way to the fashion scene this fall. These rich colors are being used not only on the runway, but within home trade shows as well. Obviously, my favorite color palette this week is Hunter Green and Gold. These two warm tones, no matter where placed, create the ultimate fall look.  Together, they give homes and closets a high-end appearance.



16 Oct

Wine, burgundy, deep red or bordeaux, whatever the technical name is who cares. All I know is this color palette (that I like to call bordeaux) is beyond amazing. It screams fall and winter. Its bold and beautiful. Even better, it reminds me of wine, which I obviously love to drink. Also, this color is great to wear with any outfit, especially during the holiday season. Many celebrities are wearing this color on their lips, I rather be styling it in my clothing instead. It can be worn with many different color palettes, my favorite is mixing it with shades of gray and dark browns. How about you?


2 Oct


As much as you wouldn’t think so, white comes in many different shades. It can be a nightmare when painting your home or DIY project and you choose the wrong white. However, when  shades of white are used together either within a bedroom, party decorations, or artwork they are simply beautiful. It gives off a sense of peace and serenity. Many people think that a home needs many colors or a colored accent wall. However, you can use the same colors (such as white) within a home with a variety of shades  and bring in textured pieces. This can give a high-end look that many people are looking for. 


25 Sep

From my previous posts, everybody knows I am excited for Autumn to finally arrive. While living in Arizona, I never really experienced the change of seasons. It was hot, then cold. Don’t think I didn’t like it, I am a sucker for warm weather. But, I am loving being back in California and feeling the brisk, crisp air of the Fall weather. In addition, I am drawn by the Fall color palettes that I have been scouting out at local clothing stores and blogs. One of my current favorite color palette is the different shades of browns being worn together within an outfit. It reminds me of chocolate and caramel desserts, which I obviously love, and has inspired me to create this inspiration board as well.


18 Sep

There is nothing like a POP of color. Sometimes, using a lot of bright colors in the same outfit/home decor is fashion suicide. However,  this color palette of turquoise and poppy red is an exception to the rule. They bring brightness to any room and outfit without being too overwhelming.  Since they complement each other so well, they have been utilized a lot this past summer. I know, I know…it’s the beginning of Fall now, but I couldn’t get these two colors out of my mind. I am hopeful next Spring/Summer they will be used again within fashion trends.







11 Sep

If you follow my blog, you know I love the color black. What girl wouldn’t? It’s the most flattering color, it goes with everything, and it never disappoints you. So of course, one of favorite color palettes is going to have black in it! As can be seen, this weeks color palette is BLACK + WHITE. These two colors together give the essence of class, sophistication, and minimal effort.  The best part is they never look bad together. They have design qualities that many color palettes don’t have due its monochromatic characteristics. So if you’re out shopping about, get some black and white for your closet or  home, you won’t want to return it!


4 Sep

In the past, I have found myself drawn to bright colors. However, as I have grown older I have found the beauty of soft, simple, and elegant color palettes. That is why I chose the blue topaz color palette this week. The light blue color gives the feeling of relaxation. It’s  perfect for any room within a household. In addition, it is a great accent color in your clothing wardrobe as well. It is a great color to blend with white, beige, and metallics as well. Hope you bring blue topaz into your home soon!