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5 Oct

People are incredibly creative in this world. Now that Pinterest and the blogging world has exploded, it has really shown me people’s capabilities. Personally, I am one who can visualize creative projects, but  has difficulty putting it altogether with my own hands. My husband would say it’s because of my impulsive side…I don’t know what he is talking about. Either way, I have come across multiple DIY projects using old book pages. There are thousands of ways to create something unique and special using these pages. I have seen wallpaper, banners, paper trees, and souvenir boxes covered with printed words. I mean the list could go on and on. I am happy that people are recycling old books and using a little Mod Podge to create something beautiful for their home, especially when books aren’t as in high demand due to ebooks. Here are some of my favorite projects I have found and need to try.


Have you ever completed a book page project? If so, tell me about the project and if any part was difficult? 



3 Oct

Do you search Etsy for creative ideas? Do you buy an ungodly amount of Etsy products? Well, I am one of those individuals, especially during my time as a bride-to-be. Etsy is an amazing resource and lets people with creative abilities be able to showcase their “art”. I am a large advocate for giving to the mom-and-pop stores, that is why I prefer boutique shopping and local coffee shops compared to Macy’s and Starbucks. Don’t be deceived… I do shop at the large corporate stores as well. But, overall my preference would be to help out the common folks just like myself. Etsy is a great platform for me to do this kind of shopping, so here are some amazing products I found on their website. What do you guys think of the products? How do you feel about corporate shopping vs.  small business owners? Leave some comments I would love to read your opinions. 


1//Shop: ASimpleKindOfFancy Tiny Studded Earrings. 2// forthecommongood Orange Metal Chairs. 3// BootsNGus Mason Jar Pendant Lights


26 Sep

I love tassels. They are a great accessory for adding a special detail from clothing to party favors. Tassels give texture and an overall feeling of fun. Tassels can be seen in a variety of colors, styles, and design. There are many blogs dedicated to creating tassels for DIY garlands and party props, which can be used at your next big event! Join me and become a  tassel guru.


24 Aug

I definitely enjoy a good glass of wine, especially on a beautiful vineyard. However, most of the time I am drinking a glass on my lovely couch instead! Either way, it’s a great way to relax and wind down after a long day. Eventually over time, you are stuck with a lot of empty wine bottles.  Most of the bottles have a great look/design to them and I feel bad just recycling them. But, I have discovered many creative ways to reuse the bottles instead and all ideas add unique beauty to your homes. What’s not to love?


17 Aug

Since we have moved into our new place, we have been trying to get creative on a tight budget. Thank goodness Pinterest has been created prior to our move. I have gotten so many ideas through this amazing website. One of which is Fabric Wall Art. It’s simple, easy, and affordable. Let’s just say this will be used in my house as soon as I find the closest fabric store in our new neighborhood! I found you could also do this with wallpaper and gift wrapping paper as well!


10 Aug

Trends for the home are constantly changing. Instead of going out and buying new furniture all the time, people need to get creative. However, if you’re like me creativity = money + patience, (neither of the two which I have). Also, by the time I am buying all the supplies, I might as well go buy a new piece of furniture. But, I have finally found a trend that is easy, affordable, and quick. It’s the DIP DYE/PAINTING technique. You can easily find materials around your house to dip into paint and then add some of your own creative touches to make  a beautiful accent to your home decor.

She’s About To Pop!

13 Jul

My cousin Nicole is one of the most amazing people in my life. She is not only a cousin, but I consider her a  best friend and sister. During Thanksgiving, I found out she was expecting her first baby and a few months later I found out  IT’S A GIRL. When I found out she was pregnant, I knew I wanted to throw her an amazing baby shower since she has done so much for me in the past and everyone knows I love to throw a party! So my sister, aunt, and I all came together and planned her a super girly  baby shower that I hope will be an everlasting memory as she watches her new baby girl grow up.

We went with a popular dessert table theme of She’s About To Pop! On the dessert table food items were: Popcorn, Baby Rattle Pops, Cake Pops, Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispy Treats, and Onesie Cookies.

Baby Rattles, Cake Pops, and Rice Crispies:  Rachel Strmiska and Melissa Paulo.

Onesie Cookies: Julie Garza

The color palette chose for decorations was a variety of pinks, white and turquoise. We folded the napkins as bows. Each table had a center piece of girly outfits for the mom-to-be to take home. The flowers were bought from the local grocery store and put in mason jars with a rhinestone hanger.

Keeping with the girly theme, we had a headband/clip making station for people to use their creative skills and in order to keep this new baby looking stylish.

Lastly, we created a backdrop for all the pictures being taken as she opened gifts and read book dedications from her guest to her baby girl. It was a nice place for Nicole to sit so everyone can see her and she was very comfortable in her new refurbished pink rocking chair (she got to keep it too for the nursery).

As can be seen, she received lots of new goodies for her baby girl that is due this month. It was a true pleasure planning this special event with my aunt and sister and I couldn’t have done it without them.