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29 Oct

Polka dots and tights are the largest trends hitting this fall season. However, the beloved designer Kate Spade has taken both trends and blended them together. My mother could tell you first hand I hated tights growing up as a young girl. I would rip them just so I didn’t have to wear them the next following Sunday to church. However, as an adult I would wear any one of these Kate Spade tights. They are fashionable, warm, and above all trendy for this season. I cannot wait to sport a pair to one of my holiday events. Let’s just say, Kate Spade is genius! 


All tights are available at Kate Spade 



25 Oct

These past two days have really put it in perspective that I am not living in Arizona weather anymore. Usually, this time of year I am still wearing short sleeves and dresses. However, with the rain and cold breezes I have bundled up every morning with my coat and scarf. I am fully embracing the Fall weather, especially when it allows for wardrobe changes. As I have added coats, sweaters, and scarves to my closet I am still missing the perfect Fall hat that is highly needed for the rainy season. I have stumbled across 3 hats that I would love to have in my accessory bin, but realistically I will have to settle for one. Which style do you  like best? Which one do you feel is most beneficial for the Fall/Winter seasons? Thanks for all your input.

All hats available on Preston & Olivia


22 Oct

The peplum waistline is one that many celebrities are currently wearing. One celebrity that comes to mind when I think of peplum is Kim Kardashian. This waistline is great for many body styles, especially ladies with curves. The peplum helps to accentuates the waist line that many of us hourglass shaped girls are looking to use as a focal point. The peplum comes in many different shapes and forms. As can be seen below, this waistline can be worn as a dress, skirt, and shirt. Have you ever worn a peplum waistline? If so, how did you put the outfit together?

1. Mustard Peplum Top 2. Sequin Peplum Dress

3. Red Peplum Mini Skirt


20 Oct

I’m loving living next to the city and the Pacific ocean. Here is a perfect weekend look that is a perfect blend between city, nautical, and of course Fall! Have an amazing weekend!


17 Oct

Everybody who follows my blog, knows Wednesday is the day of my current obsession. This week I am loving the boot sock rage all the girls are sporting this Fall. It’s a great way to make a regular boot fashionable and girly. I have posted a few of my favorite looks down below. You can find many of these socks on Etsy where they are affordable and you’re helping out the small business owners.




16 Oct

Wine, burgundy, deep red or bordeaux, whatever the technical name is who cares. All I know is this color palette (that I like to call bordeaux) is beyond amazing. It screams fall and winter. Its bold and beautiful. Even better, it reminds me of wine, which I obviously love to drink. Also, this color is great to wear with any outfit, especially during the holiday season. Many celebrities are wearing this color on their lips, I rather be styling it in my clothing instead. It can be worn with many different color palettes, my favorite is mixing it with shades of gray and dark browns. How about you?


15 Oct

Graphic prints are everywhere this season. It all started during the summer season with t-shirts and tanks and somehow made its transition into the Fall season with large prints on sweaters. I like how a graphic sweater bring a bold statement to an outfit and allows for minimal jewelry. It’s a simple way to wear something trendy and not have to layer on many other pieces to the ensemble.


one//Madewell Counting Sheep Sweater two// Peter Jensen Fox Sweater three// Lovebirds Sweater