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12 Oct

In the design world, I love when traditional meets modern. Farmhouse tables are a part of this timeless look. The best elements of a farmhouse table is the ability to be styled in various ways. As can be seen in the pictures below, each table has its own unique look due to the surrounding decor and paint colors chosen. This table is extremely versatile and I cannot wait to get one for my own home.


All pictures via Pinterest 




5 Oct

People are incredibly creative in this world. Now that Pinterest and the blogging world has exploded, it has really shown me people’s capabilities. Personally, I am one who can visualize creative projects, but  has difficulty putting it altogether with my own hands. My husband would say it’s because of my impulsive side…I don’t know what he is talking about. Either way, I have come across multiple DIY projects using old book pages. There are thousands of ways to create something unique and special using these pages. I have seen wallpaper, banners, paper trees, and souvenir boxes covered with printed words. I mean the list could go on and on. I am happy that people are recycling old books and using a little Mod Podge to create something beautiful for their home, especially when books aren’t as in high demand due to ebooks. Here are some of my favorite projects I have found and need to try.


Have you ever completed a book page project? If so, tell me about the project and if any part was difficult? 


3 Oct

Do you search Etsy for creative ideas? Do you buy an ungodly amount of Etsy products? Well, I am one of those individuals, especially during my time as a bride-to-be. Etsy is an amazing resource and lets people with creative abilities be able to showcase their “art”. I am a large advocate for giving to the mom-and-pop stores, that is why I prefer boutique shopping and local coffee shops compared to Macy’s and Starbucks. Don’t be deceived… I do shop at the large corporate stores as well. But, overall my preference would be to help out the common folks just like myself. Etsy is a great platform for me to do this kind of shopping, so here are some amazing products I found on their website. What do you guys think of the products? How do you feel about corporate shopping vs.  small business owners? Leave some comments I would love to read your opinions. 


1//Shop: ASimpleKindOfFancy Tiny Studded Earrings. 2// forthecommongood Orange Metal Chairs. 3// BootsNGus Mason Jar Pendant Lights


28 Sep

BHLDN is one of my top favorite retailers that I love to stalk on the internet. Their vintage style infused with modern elements makes my heart melt. Their niche is wedding attire for the vintage bride. However, I came across multiple dresses I would die  to have in my closet just for fun. They now have added wedding gifts to their website. I found myself wanting these products for my own home. Here are some of my recent favorite items.



21 Sep

Scrabble is not only a fun game to play, but has turned into a home décor trend as well! It is creative and a fun way to bring character into your home. Some people use the actual scrabble pieces in frames to create a crossword puzzle that describes their family, inspirational quotes, or favorite silly words mixed together. Also, people have used the scrabble game design and turned canvases into wall artwork. There are various ways to use scrabble inspiration within your home. Here are a few of my favorite looks!


14 Sep

I am a pinning queen. This past week I have noticed multiple people pin these amazing crystal light bulbs. I want a pair for my house! They scream vintage, unique, beautiful yet modern all at the same time. Hopefully, a  psychic can look into her crystal ball and see these bulbs coming to my house soon!


Crystal Light Bulb designed by Lee Broom.


7 Sep

Mismatch chairs at your kitchen table area makes your home look and feel unique. It gives off the feeling of style, personality and overall fun to your kitchen area. It can be a challenge to find the perfect chairs that look good together. The best way way to get this overall look is to buy in pairs. Get two chairs you love together and take them shopping with you around to different stores to see if the design among the other chairs will look appealing to the eye! I have found many chairs at thrift shops and garage sales that you can repaint or stain to your own personal taste. Have fun and happy hunting!