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23 Sep

It feels so good to be back in Cali! There is nothing like coming home. 



5 Aug

Life has been a crazy ride over the past 3 months. Recently, I decided to leave the education field in search of  another career. My hubby has been offered a job in the San Francisco/Bay Area,  so we are moving within the upcoming weeks. It has been an emotional summer to say the least. I am excited, nervous, scared all at the same time. However, at this time period of my life, I feel challenged and finally willing to let go and have life guide my journey.

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29 Jul

So True...




24 Jul

I am loving the color palette of GOLD & CORAL. These colors scream summertime. Since we only have a little bit of summer left, I will be trying to utilize these colors in my wardrobe, make-up, and accessories.

Happy Blogging! 

{OBSESSED}: Braid-spiration

19 Jul

Braids Gone Wild! All summer long I have been seeing braids of all different types! It is amazing the creativity girls can do with a braid. We have french, fish, inside/outside, knotted, sailor…I mean the list can go on and on. Even better, it can be an everyday look or awesome up-do that can be seen on the red carpet. I am huge fan. A braid is an easy way to make your hair look put together by just twisting some hair around each other. I hope this trend does not leave anytime soon, even if it does…I’m keeping it. 




Inspired: Rose Gold

18 Jul

Lately, as I have been shopping around different malls and boutiques I noticed myself being drawn to rose gold. This has been a trend going on for sometime now. Unfortunately, I don’t own any rose gold accessories yet, but I sure am hopeful to have some soon.


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Obsessed: Infinity

16 Jul

Recently, I am obsessed with the infinity symbol, especially in jewelry. People use this symbol in many different ways such as tattoos, decorations, and  clothing. It’s a symbol that is interpreted differently by each person wearing it. Mostly, I feel it has a meaning of forever. However this symbol is used, I like that fact that it can give inspiration to all in a variety of ways.

Which, who doesn’t need a little inspiration to wear each day either permanent or as an accessory?