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Favorable Hydration

12 Jul

Like so many of us, I love Diet Coke. I have a tendency to become easily addicted to food and drink items (why not the gym, who knows). I made a decision last Fall  to give up Diet Coke due to health reasons and wanting to try healthier drink items. This was hard my friends, especially since I would drink a soda everyday for lunch! Let’s just say, water and ice tea can get boring at times. Since going to Santa Barbara in May, I have been a little obsessed with sparkling water all thanks to my friend Nina. She had some at her house while visiting and I became addicted. The Arrowhead® brand comes in many different fruit essences which is exciting because I get to experiment different delicious drink recipes (even with Vodka).

The one I tend to obsess on is Sparkling Raspberry-Lime. It’s simple, yet refreshing and delicious.  All you have to do is add raspberries to a cup, mash them down with a fruit muddler and add a little sparkling water and Voilà! You can dress it up for parties by putting in a pitcher and some pretty glassware. I have even added some mint for garnishing! The best part is I finally get to choose a healthy option that taste good and doesn’t make me miss soda while others drink it in front of me.

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