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25 Aug

Another great look for a fun, relaxing weekend!




18 Aug

Another great look for a nice, relaxing yet fashionable weekend! 



11 Aug

I am OVER being in hot, humid weather. I’m itching for some cooler weather and autumn breezes. I feel my weekend attire matches my current attitude. Bring on the sweaters!



4 Aug

Weekend Attire brings me joy! I love to create outfits by searching multiple websites in order to find the perfect outfit to post. Personally,  I enjoy wearing different types of clothing styles and this specific post bring out the southwestern side of me.



28 Jul

Here is another simple, but stylish look for the weekend. I love the jean shirt! I have been on a hunt trying to find one with a good fit.  If you know where I could find one, let me know!


Weekend Styled

21 Jul

All my friends know I am the girl who changes at least 10 times before I find the right outfit to wear. I always have an outfit planned in my head to wear, then I put it on and it doesn’t look or feel right. I am somebody who likes to be stylish, but comfy at the same time. I HATE having to wear any type of special undergarments, especially a strapless bra.

Here’s to NO special bra, fashionable, comfy, and an awesome color palette.

Have an AMAZING weekend!