24 Oct

Who loves blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and most of all Stitch Fix? I do! And the best part is I use all those items listed as  the new Marketing Associate for Stitch Fix. As of now my main duties is managing all of Stitch Fix’s social media. It’s my DREAM job! I get to work with amazing, fun, and creative individuals who all passionate about Stitch Fix and the mission of our company. For those who, have no idea what Stitch Fix is be sure to read my previous blog post {Get a Fix} for more information about the company and how it runs. These past 2 days have been nothing, but learning the computer programs used within the company and getting to know the tasks of all the fabulous employees. It has been a long journey of unemployment and finding a job that I feel would benefit all my capabilities. Finally, after much exhaustion and hard work  I have found the company that gives me the drive to challenge myself in order to become successful as a Stitch Fix employee.




22 Oct

The peplum waistline is one that many celebrities are currently wearing. One celebrity that comes to mind when I think of peplum is Kim Kardashian. This waistline is great for many body styles, especially ladies with curves. The peplum helps to accentuates the waist line that many of us hourglass shaped girls are looking to use as a focal point. The peplum comes in many different shapes and forms. As can be seen below, this waistline can be worn as a dress, skirt, and shirt. Have you ever worn a peplum waistline? If so, how did you put the outfit together?

1. Mustard Peplum Top 2. Sequin Peplum Dress

3. Red Peplum Mini Skirt


21 Oct

5 words that have gotten me to where I am today! Times will be tough and life will feel overwhelming, but always believe in yourself and things will work out! Happy Sunday!


20 Oct

I’m loving living next to the city and the Pacific ocean. Here is a perfect weekend look that is a perfect blend between city, nautical, and of course Fall! Have an amazing weekend!


19 Oct

If you’re anything like me (hopefully not too much 😉 ), then you should like a delicious cocktail. I have found three that are incredibly tasty and the best part about each one is the Fall flavor. Each cocktail uses ingredients such as apples and pears. I hope you find yourself trying one of these soon and letting me know your opinion! Happy tasting!





18 Oct

Asymmetrical can have a lot of different looks, especially in the hair industry. Usually, I am not a big fan because a lot of people over do the “asymmetrical” look and it starts to look more punk rock edgy compared to my preferred hair taste. However, I found three new hair designs using the asymmetrical cut that I feel would be great to wear during the Fall season. Now, if only I could get the courage to chop off my hair to get one of these looks…


17 Oct

Everybody who follows my blog, knows Wednesday is the day of my current obsession. This week I am loving the boot sock rage all the girls are sporting this Fall. It’s a great way to make a regular boot fashionable and girly. I have posted a few of my favorite looks down below. You can find many of these socks on Etsy where they are affordable and you’re helping out the small business owners.