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30 Oct

It’s no secret that gem colors have been making way to the fashion scene this fall. These rich colors are being used not only on the runway, but within home trade shows as well. Obviously, my favorite color palette this week is Hunter Green and Gold. These two warm tones, no matter where placed, create the ultimate fall look.  Together, they give homes and closets a high-end appearance.


{OBSESSED} Gold + Black

31 Jul

It’s all about GOLD & BLACK. I love when I see these two colors together within accessories, home decorations, nail color, and clothing. Anytime these colors are together it screams classy and fashionable. Plus, black is so sliming to wear by itself, why not dress it up with some gold metallic for a great night out?



24 Jul

I am loving the color palette of GOLD & CORAL. These colors scream summertime. Since we only have a little bit of summer left, I will be trying to utilize these colors in my wardrobe, make-up, and accessories.

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