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28 Oct

Desiring for something more is a natural characteristic among people. It can be caused by an unsettling feeling of not being satisfied and fulfilled with numerous amounts of materialistic items or a lousy demeanor. I think it’s important to work hard for items & dreams that you want to occur among life’s journey, but remember to reflect on each goal as it is achieved and remember the steps it took in order to create the feeling of fulfillment.



21 Oct

5 words that have gotten me to where I am today! Times will be tough and life will feel overwhelming, but always believe in yourself and things will work out! Happy Sunday!


7 Oct

As we speak, I am in search of following my dream. I need this quote to get me through my struggles while the time keeps passing me by and I become more frustrated.


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16 Sep



2 Sep

Let’s keep this inspirational Sunday straight forward!


19 Aug


12 Aug

Finding success is an amazing feeling. Sometimes success comes with some type of failure, but is always important to keep going no matter what. Also, remembering  to stay grounded to who you are as a person,  is even more important.