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29 Oct

Polka dots and tights are the largest trends hitting this fall season. However, the beloved designer Kate Spade has taken both trends and blended them together. My mother could tell you first hand I hated tights growing up as a young girl. I would rip them just so I didn’t have to wear them the next following Sunday to church. However, as an adult I would wear any one of these Kate Spade tights. They are fashionable, warm, and above all trendy for this season. I cannot wait to sport a pair to one of my holiday events. Let’s just say, Kate Spade is genius! 


All tights are available at Kate Spade 


Inspired: Rose Gold

18 Jul

Lately, as I have been shopping around different malls and boutiques I noticed myself being drawn to rose gold. This has been a trend going on for sometime now. Unfortunately, I don’t own any rose gold accessories yet, but I sure am hopeful to have some soon.


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