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6 Oct

There is nothing like a comfortable printed tee with a cute pair of jeans to get you through the weekend. This weekend’s attire is just that! It’s simple, easy to wear, but above all,  still fashionable. I am in love with the printed mustache in the corner of the shirt. I always try to find shirts that have something kind of unique detail to them, even when wearing just a tee. I feel this shirt fits all my qualifications. How to do you feel about this weekend’s attire? Be sure to post a comment.


1..Mustache Print Grey T-shirt 2.. Oblong scarf 3.. Chelsea Sunglasses 4.. Roseport Ashby



29 Sep

All my friends can tell you, I love birthdays. There is nothing like celebrating a day all about you! It’s a great excuse to get all your closest friends and family members together to have a party or little get together. Even more than a party, I love shopping for thee birthday outfit. In my opinion, I feel it should be over-the-top ridiculous with sequins and shiny accessories. Let’s be honest how many days out of the year do you have a chance to wear an amazing sparkly outfit without judgement? Not many!  Plus, it’s a special day, so you should be the center of attention with all the glitz and glam. This weekend is my birthday, so of course I had to assemble an outfit for the occasion. Too bad I’m unemployed or else this would be a definite contender. What do you think? Too much or not enough?

1// Mona Mini Fitted Sequin Dress 2// Cosby Suede Envelope Clutch 3// Oversized Hoop Earrings 4// Casadei Ankle Boot


15 Sep

I am letting the inner fierce girl come out this weekend and there is no better way than wearing ANIMAL PRINT! This look is all about sexy sophistication. I would wear this look with a ballerina bun and a great liquid eyeliner. Hope you bring out some fierceness this weekend too!



8 Sep

Here is another look for the upcoming fall weather. There is nothing better than an oversized knitted scarf and a flannel shirt!




4 Aug

Weekend Attire brings me joy! I love to create outfits by searching multiple websites in order to find the perfect outfit to post. Personally,  I enjoy wearing different types of clothing styles and this specific post bring out the southwestern side of me.


Weekend Styled

21 Jul

All my friends know I am the girl who changes at least 10 times before I find the right outfit to wear. I always have an outfit planned in my head to wear, then I put it on and it doesn’t look or feel right. I am somebody who likes to be stylish, but comfy at the same time. I HATE having to wear any type of special undergarments, especially a strapless bra.

Here’s to NO special bra, fashionable, comfy, and an awesome color palette.

Have an AMAZING weekend!