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20 Oct

I’m loving living next to the city and the Pacific ocean. Here is a perfect weekend look that is a perfect blend between city, nautical, and of course Fall! Have an amazing weekend!



6 Oct

There is nothing like a comfortable printed tee with a cute pair of jeans to get you through the weekend. This weekend’s attire is just that! It’s simple, easy to wear, but above all,  still fashionable. I am in love with the printed mustache in the corner of the shirt. I always try to find shirts that have something kind of unique detail to them, even when wearing just a tee. I feel this shirt fits all my qualifications. How to do you feel about this weekend’s attire? Be sure to post a comment.


1..Mustache Print Grey T-shirt 2.. Oblong scarf 3.. Chelsea Sunglasses 4.. Roseport Ashby


15 Sep

I am letting the inner fierce girl come out this weekend and there is no better way than wearing ANIMAL PRINT! This look is all about sexy sophistication. I would wear this look with a ballerina bun and a great liquid eyeliner. Hope you bring out some fierceness this weekend too!



28 Jul

Here is another simple, but stylish look for the weekend. I love the jean shirt! I have been on a hunt trying to find one with a good fit.  If you know where I could find one, let me know!