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1 Nov

Good- bye French Braid, Hello Dutch Braid! I am fully aware of the french and fishtail braids that seems to be overloading all the hair fashion blogs. But, the dutch braid is a new hairstyle to be tried. It is a very simple and chic look that can easily be transitioned from daytime to nightlife. The only hesitation I have about the dutch braid is trying to find time to watch tutorials on how to recreate this looks. If you know of any tips or easy instructions to follow, be sure to comment below.



18 Oct

Asymmetrical can have a lot of different looks, especially in the hair industry. Usually, I am not a big fan because a lot of people over do the “asymmetrical” look and it starts to look more punk rock edgy compared to my preferred hair taste. However, I found three new hair designs using the asymmetrical cut that I feel would be great to wear during the Fall season. Now, if only I could get the courage to chop off my hair to get one of these looks…


27 Sep

The on-going trend of having vibrate to pastel colored hair is exciting to observe. It takes courage and a fierce individual to pull of this look. I have always wanted to color my hair with some hot pink flare, but never had the confidence within myself to be able to pull it off. It’s a great statement of empowerment and a fun look for anybody who is able to rock the full color.


13 Sep

A week ago, my hair stylist (aka sister) highlighted my hair. While she was finishing styling it, she put Coconut Milk in as a leave-in conditioner. I had never used Coconut Milk before, but now I am a fan! It left my hair feeling soft and smooth. I would recommend this product to people who are looking for a way to keep their hair healthy and smooth!


6 Sep

When your mom tells you to go brush your hair, just tell her to get with it because the MESSY-DO is in! After all these years of having bed head, I should have just rolled with it. For girls, it takes time to get ready, especially if you want good hair. Most girls will sit in the bathroom for at least an hour trying to put themselves together. But guess what! We don’t have to anymore, looking messy is  a whole new trend and personally, I am embracing it. First, the ombre look of having your roots grow out and now, not even having to comb your hair is acceptable. 2012 is serving us girls right! Guaranteed it would still take me an hour to even try to get my messy look to be right, but it’s worth a try.


30 Aug

I love to wear my hair in a low bun. It’s easy to do, especially with long hair. However, it can get boring at times. Thankfully,  I have found multiple ways to wear a low hair bun. All styles are chic and elegant to wear to work, out with friends, or being involved in a special event.

Photos via Pinterest



23 Aug

Since Fall is around the corner, I have been searching for new hair trends that will be seen in the upcoming months. What I found was a lot of bang action! It’s all about sleek hair with a big, blunt, bang. Personally, I think it looks great on any type of hair length and even looks great when your hair is pulled back.


All images via Pinterest