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30 Sep

Not only is today my birthday, but it is a day I get to celebrate and be thankful for all the many blessing this past year has given me. I got married to the most amazing man, I moved back to what I like to call my “homeland”, and most importantly I have been on a search for a new career path. Thank you to everyone who has supported me this past year and years to come. I couldn’t have survived without the love and continuous motivation.



29 Sep

All my friends can tell you, I love birthdays. There is nothing like celebrating a day all about you! It’s a great excuse to get all your closest friends and family members together to have a party or little get together. Even more than a party, I love shopping for thee birthday outfit. In my opinion, I feel it should be over-the-top ridiculous with sequins and shiny accessories. Let’s be honest how many days out of the year do you have a chance to wear an amazing sparkly outfit without judgement? Not many!  Plus, it’s a special day, so you should be the center of attention with all the glitz and glam. This weekend is my birthday, so of course I had to assemble an outfit for the occasion. Too bad I’m unemployed or else this would be a definite contender. What do you think? Too much or not enough?

1// Mona Mini Fitted Sequin Dress 2// Cosby Suede Envelope Clutch 3// Oversized Hoop Earrings 4// Casadei Ankle Boot


28 Sep

BHLDN is one of my top favorite retailers that I love to stalk on the internet. Their vintage style infused with modern elements makes my heart melt. Their niche is wedding attire for the vintage bride. However, I came across multiple dresses I would die  to have in my closet just for fun. They now have added wedding gifts to their website. I found myself wanting these products for my own home. Here are some of my recent favorite items.



27 Sep

The on-going trend of having vibrate to pastel colored hair is exciting to observe. It takes courage and a fierce individual to pull of this look. I have always wanted to color my hair with some hot pink flare, but never had the confidence within myself to be able to pull it off. It’s a great statement of empowerment and a fun look for anybody who is able to rock the full color.


26 Sep

I love tassels. They are a great accessory for adding a special detail from clothing to party favors. Tassels give texture and an overall feeling of fun. Tassels can be seen in a variety of colors, styles, and design. There are many blogs dedicated to creating tassels for DIY garlands and party props, which can be used at your next big event! Join me and become a  tassel guru.


25 Sep

From my previous posts, everybody knows I am excited for Autumn to finally arrive. While living in Arizona, I never really experienced the change of seasons. It was hot, then cold. Don’t think I didn’t like it, I am a sucker for warm weather. But, I am loving being back in California and feeling the brisk, crisp air of the Fall weather. In addition, I am drawn by the Fall color palettes that I have been scouting out at local clothing stores and blogs. One of my current favorite color palette is the different shades of browns being worn together within an outfit. It reminds me of chocolate and caramel desserts, which I obviously love, and has inspired me to create this inspiration board as well.


24 Sep

Fall is officially here! Since it has come into full swing, I have noticed warmer clothing trends beginning to develop. The one very noticeable one being the Tuxedo Blazer. In all clothing stores, there are a large variety of jackets being sold. However, the tuxedo blazer tends to be at its high point. Everywhere you turn a girl is wearing a blazer with a professional or casual look. That is the best part about the blazer! It is very versatile and should be a staple in every girl’s wardrobe.