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19 Oct

If you’re anything like me (hopefully not too much ūüėČ ), then you should like a delicious cocktail. I have found three that are incredibly tasty and the best part about each one is the Fall flavor. Each cocktail uses ingredients such as apples and pears. I hope you find yourself trying one of these soon and letting me know your opinion! Happy tasting!





Favorable Hydration

12 Jul

Like so many of us, I love Diet Coke. I have a¬†tendency to become easily addicted to food and drink items (why not the gym, who knows). I made a decision last Fall ¬†to give up Diet Coke due to health reasons and wanting to try healthier drink items. This was hard my friends, especially since I would drink a soda everyday for lunch! Let’s just say, water and ice tea can get boring at times. Since going to Santa Barbara in May, I have been a little obsessed with sparkling water all thanks to my friend Nina. She had some at her house while visiting and I became addicted. The Arrowhead¬ģ brand comes in many different fruit essences which is exciting because I get to¬†experiment¬†different delicious drink recipes (even with Vodka).

The one I tend to obsess on is Sparkling Raspberry-Lime. It’s simple, yet refreshing and delicious. ¬†All you have to do is add raspberries to a cup, mash them down with a fruit muddler and add a little sparkling water and¬†Voil√†! You can dress it up for parties by putting in a pitcher and some pretty glassware. I have even added some mint for garnishing! The best part is I finally get to choose a healthy option that taste good and doesn’t make me miss soda while others drink it in front of me.

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Santa Cruz Get-Away

11 Jul

Beach house, family, wine,¬†BBQ, salty breezes and wearing a sweater are all the¬†attributes¬†I need to a perfect¬†vacation. Over the past week I have been living the dream in Aptos, CA. Let’s just say it has been a shocker to come back to 110 degree weather in Phoenix. I highly enjoyed waking up every morning not having a plan on the day festivities and able to explore the Santa Cruz area. Like most people vacationing around this area, we hit up the tourist areas of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and Capitola.¬†However, this time we were able to explore a new area of Santa Cruz that I never heard of all thanks to our Aunt and Uncle’s¬†guidance. It is called the Swift Street Courtyard. This area is full of old warehouses that have been restored and made into small boutiques, wine tasting rooms, and the most delicious French bakery. It is a great venue to visit if you are looking to relax and get away from the crazy tourist areas. We liked¬†visiting¬†it so much, we went 2 days in a row!

Photo via Katiedid Blog

Favorite  Places

Wineries:  MJA,  Rexford, Vine Hill

Eatery: Kelly’s French Bakery

Brewery: Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery


Head to Santa Cruz from various locations taking Highway 17. Travel to Santa Cruz and then take Highway 1 north for two miles and take a left turn on Fair Avenue. Take a right turn on Ingalls Street. The Swift Street Courtyard will be on the right.  

NMB Cookie Recipe

4 Jun

I went to Santa Barbara a few weeks ago to visit some amazing people in my life, Nick Bolton and Nina Burke. We had a great time as always hanging out. However, during this visit I found out about NMB cookies (NMB is Nick and Nina initals). Nick swears they are healthier cookies by using many substitutions for the usual fattening products found in cookies. I have to say I am a believer because if you knew Nick and Nina personally,  they take pride in making healthy choices whether food or working out.  Therefore, when Nick was telling me about these cookies I had to try them! Healthy are not (which in my mind I am going full on healthy), they are extremely delicious and everyone should try them!

NBM Recipe


  • ¬ĺ c. all-purpose flour
  • ¬ľ sp baking powder
  • ¬ľ tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • ¬ľ tsp salt
  • ¬Ĺ c. sugar
  • 1 ¬ľ cups rolled oats
  • ¬Ĺ cup chocolate chips
  • ¬Ĺ c. apple sauce or vanilla yogurt
  • 1 c. brown sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 ¬Ĺ tbsp egg whites
  • Nutmeg ‚Äď just a sprinkle


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Grease cookie sheet.
  2. Mix all ingredients except for oats and chocolate chips.
  3. Add oats and chocolate chips.
  4. Bake for about 10 minutes in the preheated oven. Allow cookies to cool on the baking sheet. Makes about 10-12 cookies.

*I added raisins and dark chocolate chips to my batch and t’was amazing.

Thanks Nick and Nina for sharing the recipe!

Nana Lou’s Recipe

31 May

A little over a year ago, I lost my grandmother, Nana Lou to cancer. She was very¬†influential¬†in my families life in regards to holding us all together. In addition, she was as tough as nails. She battled her cancer to the end, never letting ¬†us see the pain that she endured. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her and wish she was here with us for family celebrations and everyday life. However, during one of our family celebrations she made¬†Scalloped¬†Potatoes (one of our families favorites) and I asked her how to make them. My grandmother was one of those woman who never wrote down recipes, just ¬†“threw it together”. I was able to sit down with her and write down the recipe, which in return was one of the most special memories I will cherish forever. Now, I am giving the recipe to¬†YOU! Hope you enjoy and remember to always take time to remember the special people in your life.