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20 Oct

I’m loving living next to the city and the Pacific ocean. Here is a perfect weekend look that is a perfect blend between city, nautical, and of course Fall! Have an amazing weekend!



13 Oct

Somehow, it seems to be staying warm in the East Bay on the weekends. I’m not complaining, but thought it would start to get cooler. So, I’ll take the warm weather and enjoy my time wearing skirts and dresses while I can.

1. Maison Scotch Illustrated Printed Tank 2. ModCloth Pyramid Thought Necklace 3. Les Nouvelles Mango Maxi Skirt 4. Steve Madden  Aisha Suede Sandal


6 Oct

There is nothing like a comfortable printed tee with a cute pair of jeans to get you through the weekend. This weekend’s attire is just that! It’s simple, easy to wear, but above all,  still fashionable. I am in love with the printed mustache in the corner of the shirt. I always try to find shirts that have something kind of unique detail to them, even when wearing just a tee. I feel this shirt fits all my qualifications. How to do you feel about this weekend’s attire? Be sure to post a comment.


1..Mustache Print Grey T-shirt 2.. Oblong scarf 3.. Chelsea Sunglasses 4.. Roseport Ashby


29 Sep

All my friends can tell you, I love birthdays. There is nothing like celebrating a day all about you! It’s a great excuse to get all your closest friends and family members together to have a party or little get together. Even more than a party, I love shopping for thee birthday outfit. In my opinion, I feel it should be over-the-top ridiculous with sequins and shiny accessories. Let’s be honest how many days out of the year do you have a chance to wear an amazing sparkly outfit without judgement? Not many!  Plus, it’s a special day, so you should be the center of attention with all the glitz and glam. This weekend is my birthday, so of course I had to assemble an outfit for the occasion. Too bad I’m unemployed or else this would be a definite contender. What do you think? Too much or not enough?

1// Mona Mini Fitted Sequin Dress 2// Cosby Suede Envelope Clutch 3// Oversized Hoop Earrings 4// Casadei Ankle Boot


22 Sep

Weekends are a time to relax and spend time with your friends and family. Usually, my weekend looks are a bit more casual. However, this weekend I decided to showcase a going-out look. These are great pieces to wear out to dinner/drinks with your friends, family or spouse. Also, all pieces are versatile and can be worn a variety of different ways. They would be a great addition to your closet for your Fall wardrobe!




15 Sep

I am letting the inner fierce girl come out this weekend and there is no better way than wearing ANIMAL PRINT! This look is all about sexy sophistication. I would wear this look with a ballerina bun and a great liquid eyeliner. Hope you bring out some fierceness this weekend too!



8 Sep

Here is another look for the upcoming fall weather. There is nothing better than an oversized knitted scarf and a flannel shirt!